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How to pay my Dubai visa fee?

You can send us the payment using the following methods

Option 1 (for quick processing) Credit Card Payment click here

* We don’t accept payment credit card for Dubai Visa application for the following nationalities:

Nigeria – Ghana – Cameroon – Angola – Benin – Burkina Faso – Burundi – Central African Republic – Chad – Congo – Cote D’Ivoire – Djibouti – Eriteria – Ethiopia – Liberia. (If one of the applicant belongs to any of these nationality, DO NOT use the credit card online payment, instead you may use other mode of payments from OPTION TWO below.)

Option 2 

1- Bank wire transfer/deposit

CURRENT ACCNT#:        01-520-1391941-01 – IBAN: AE530240001520139194101 
SWIFT CODE:                DUIBAEAD 

2- western union money transfer

Name: salem basheer mohamed
Mobile: 00971504172171 

3- moneygram transfer

Name: salem basheer mohamed
Mobile: 00971504172171 

4- UAE Exchange/express money transfer

Name: salem basheer mohamed
Mobile: 00971504172171 

Dubai visa valid Abu Dhabi and other cities?

Dubai visa valid Abu dhabi,Sharjah,Ajman,Umm Al Quwain,Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah and all areas within United Arab Emirates. You can land sea,air and land and use the e-visa that you receive from us email .

Dubai visa ok to board after my visa issues, how ?

Dubai visa ok to board is required and you can contact the airline office who you are going to buy ticket from , Please note that not all nationalities require dubai visa ok to board stamp on their visas and we don’t provide ok to board services. Generally travellers from India and Pakistan require ok to board for thier visas in order to fly to Dubai or UAE.

Dubai visa Philippine passport holder, Which one ?

Dubai visa Philippine passport holder requirement would be if travelling from Philippines directly need the original pink visa printout , affidavit of support from relatives living in UAE and relatives are required to get it attested by Philippine embassy or consulate in Dubai and must be mailed to them ,invitation letter from sponsor (us) .

Philippine citizens residents of GCC can travel to Dubai with the electronic visa without any of the above requirements.


Submit original visa Dubai airport ,important?

submit original visa Dubai airport after approval is not required anymore with e-visa. The visa will be sent to you email and you just have to print it out and bring it with you that’s all .

Just in case you forgot the visa printout you can request Dubai immigration officer to retrieve you visa data using your passport.

Travelling via Dubai airport?

Travelling via Dubai airport and not wish to come out of the airport and having a connecting flight to another destination you don’t require a visa ,however if you have enough time and wish to go out of the airport you will need a Dubai visa .

Note the above applies only to nationalities who require visa prior arrival to Dubai and UAE.

Can I apply for Dubai multiple entry visa?

Two new multiple entry visas 90 days multiple entry visa and 30 days multiple entry visa is now available from 1st of Jan 2015, same tourist visa can be utilized for multiple entries with having to apply for new visa when exited from UAE within the period of the visa either 90 days or 30 days.

Based on the new rules announced on 01/01/2015 that there will be one and three months multiple entry visas but that has not been implemented yet and we will be informing you once done, subscribe to our newsletter .

However, you now can re-apply a tourist visa again right after you exit UAE without waiting for 30 days to apply again. 01/01/2015

Dubai tourist visa parents, How ?

Dubai tourist visa parents application process is the same as you apply for any other type of visa but if any of them is travelling is alone and is above 60 years may not be granted a visa to Dubai and he has to be accompanies with an adult either wife/husband or anyone else.

Adults over the age of 60 years may not be granted a Dubai tourist visa alone but if accompanied someone.

children different last name , visa application?

children different last name or surname than yours in the passport then send us a proof of relation which is birth certificate but must be in English if its not.

Some nationalities may have different last name in children passport than the fathers last name in passport.

What is Dubai immigration visa fees?

General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai offers all travel agents,tour operators and Hotels the facility to apply Dubai tourist visas for their customers and Dubai immigration visa fees for us as one of the tour operators registered in Dubai are providing those services and fees on government official website of Dubai immigration office is lower than what we offer our customers being a service provider. Fees on government website is as follows:

14 Days visa AED 250 (USD 70)

30 Days visa AED 250(USD 70)

Above fee is charged to Licensed companies in Dubai and are not for customers who apply visas through us . We have made a comparison of visa fee on each visa type to let you know how much is the difference that we charge against of services.

Important Update 01/01/2015 AED 40 (USD 10) increase to the Dubai tourist visa fee .

Dubai visa validity check online available ?

Yes, Dubai visa validity check online is available a service provided Dubai immigration department you can fill the required information in the fields on the following link page and see if you visa is valid or not.

Dubai Visa Validity Check Online 


This service is provided Dubai Government Official website for Dubai tourists,visitors and residents .

Dubai visa requirements?

Dubai Visa requirements vary from a nationality to another but basic requirements are as follows:

Color Scanned passport copy

Color passport size photo

Hotel booking confirmation (if available)

Air ticket copy (if available)

Scan the available documents and send them to [email protected]

Why are your Dubai visa fees higher than other travel companies ?

We are a national company and a dedicated Dubai visa service provider with premium services , Mr. Salem Mohamed Ali an Emirati who is former Dubai Online Visa development team leader at General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai with extensive knowledge of the e-visa system and how it works and being a Member of Mohamed Bin Rashid for Young Business Leaders gives us an additional advantage to offer quality services to our customers worldwide. When it comes to visa applications you must always look for quality and professionals to apply it unlike finding a cheap airfare or a low cost hotel because preparing and submitting visa applications makes a difference if not applied right .


Visa refundable deposit for my application?

visa refundable deposit is not required all applicants, After evaluation we will send you an email either we require a security deposit or not. Its AED 5000 (USD 1320) and is refunded once the applicant leaves Dubai or UAE and sends us copy of the exit stamp from their passport or if they have got a residence/employment visa in UAE we need a copy of their new resident/employment visa.

How to apply Dubai Visa ?

Email us your color scanned passport copy and passport size photo to [email protected] along with the proof of payment .

How will i receive my Dubai online visa after approval ?

Dubai online visa is an electronic online visa document which will be sent to you email and you have to print it and show wherever required e.g. booking a ticket, Dubai airport

Dubai visa online affiliated UAE government?

Dubai Visa Online is not affiliated with any Dubai or UAE government Department but are Dubai licensed tour operator with name of Gulf Sun Travel and Tourism department of tourism and commerce marketing in Dubai .

Being an Emirati tour operator based in Dubai offering various types of services and specializing in providing premium Dubai visa services for tourists,visitors and businessmen we make sure that all our customers are satisfied when going back home.



Why apply Dubai visa online through you since there are many companies that apply visas in Dubai?

We are a Dubai national company member of Mohamed Bin Rashid Establishment for Young Business Leaders and Member of Khalifa Fund in Abu Dhabi, we are experts in the field of Dubai visa processing with a high percentage of approvals from the department of Naturalization and residency in Dubai. You can apply Dubai visa online and be rest assured it will be issued quickly and handled well.

Who can get visa on arrival at Dubai airport ?

every nationality entering the UAE needs a visa except citizens of GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia) expatriate residents of the GCC (certain nationalities and professions) and British citizens with the right of abode in the UK. The following citizens of Europe also receive visas on arrival citizens of : Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Vatican.
In addition, nationals from Australia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea in Asia, as well as those from the United States of America now receive Visas on arrival.
GCC nationals can stay more or less as long they like. British citizens can stay for a month and then apply for a visa for a further two months. European, American, South African and Australian citizens may obtain a visit visa from the UAE embassy in their respective countries before departure. Please note that Israelis are not granted Dubai or UAE visas .

Who requires Dubai visa prior arrival ?

All other nationalities which are not listed above require a visa to Dubai prior arrival which can be applied through us.

Minor Dubai visa in mothers passport ?

You can apply your visa and we will add minor Dubai Visa in your visa as accompanied person and the visa fee will be only for you the mother and he doesn’t require a separate visa nor has to pay fees being in one of the parents passport.

Passport validity to apply Dubai tourist visa ?

Passport validity to apply Dubai tourist visa must be at least 3 months to apply for Dubai or UAE tourist visa .

iqama expired can apply Dubai visa, GCC resident?

Iqama expired can I apply Dubai visa ,Yes, You can still apply for Dubai or UAE visa if your (residence/employment visa) Iqama  is expired  but you must have a passport that is valid for at least 3 months.

Travel Dubai road,which type of Visa I need?

Travel Dubai road you can apply for a normal electronic visa through us and easily travel to Dubai road and enter UAE through any of the borders without hesitation .

You don’t need to have the original pink visa to enter UAE as a tourist road and you can use the electronic visa printout only .

Dubai visa professions eligible , which ones?

Dubai visa professions eligible to apply Dubai visas smoothly except some are hard to get approved such as driver or labor . This doesn’t mean that such profession applicants are not accepted us but we are saying in the past most of these profession applicants were rejected the authorities.

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