A glimpse into Old Dubai 23/08/2017

Dubai is not all about glitz and glamor. There is another side to Dubai that is far away from the pomp and shows that you see regularly. This is the Old Dubai that embraces the old world charm with all its glory. Old Dubai encompasses all area on either side of the Dubai Creek and primarily includes Deira and Bur Dubai.

If you are a lover of the past and like to explore the not so glamorous side of Dubai, then here are a few places of interest

  • Dubai Museum: Located inside the Al Fahidi Fort in the historical Al Fahidi District, the Dubai Museum is the first stop over in Old Dubai. This museum contains various antiquities and artifacts from Old Dubai as well as galleries showing the pictures and maps of Old Dubai from the pre-oil era. Live sounds and videos accompanying the various artifacts provide a natural feel to the display.  
  • Bastakiya Quarter: This area is famous for the old Dubai residential buildings. It also has a small souk that sells textiles, souvenirs and other craft items. You can either stroll through the narrow alleys to get a glimpse of the life in Old Dubai or strike some good deal at one of the souks.
  • Dubai Creek: This is one of the most important creeks in Dubai which divides the city into Deira and Bur Dubai. You can take an Abra (old wooden boat) ride and cross the creek to the other side or take a small stroll through the shore of the creek to get a feel of this part of Dubai.
  •        Gold Souk: This souk has close to 300 jewelry shops that sell designs from all over the world.   

Arabic, Indian, Italian and Turkish design jewelry are quite common in this . This is the

only souk where you can get gold jewelry at bargain.

  •        Spice Souk: Located in Deira, this is a must visit place for spice lovers. From incense and spices

        to rose petals and traditional medicines, you can purchase spices at a very reasonable price

from this .

  • Dubai Heritage and Diving Village: This traditional Arabic village is located at the Al Shindagah district of Dubai. It is constructed in a village setting and exhibits the life of the Emiratis as fishing and pearl traders.
  • Sheikh Sayed Al Maktoum House: This is the formal residence of Sheikh Saeed Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, one of the former rulers of Dubai. Located in the Al Shindagah neighborhood, this house is now converted into a museum and displays various artifacts from Old Dubai.

A visit to Dubai is incomplete without a visit to Old Dubai. A stark contrast to the glamorous life of Dubai, the Old Dubai has that old world charm which makes this city one of the favorite destination for tourists.  


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